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A clean and tidy carpet makes the room look more beautiful and fresh. To save money from buying a new one, just call Joe & Son’s Carpet Cleaning. We offer a full range of cleaning services. This is the reason why we are the leading expert carpet cleaners in Fontana and the surrounding area. Our carpet cleaning service will meet all your cleaning needs. Just contact us

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Carpet like new

You save me money by cleaning my old carpet and make it look like new one. That was its last chance but you save it!

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Carpet cleaning from Joe & Son`s Carpet Cleaning makes cleaning easy. We are just call away. For homes or businesses, just contact us and we will make the difficult job of cleaning like a child’s game.

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No matter what kind of carpet or rug you have they need to be professionally cleaned at one point. For the best result we use modern carpet cleaning technology and hire highly professional carpet cleaners. We offer a full spectrum of carpet cleaning services. After you call us we will send you s team of experts in carpet cleaning.

Firstly, our experts will take a look through the areas that need to be cleaned. Our carpet cleaners will identify any problem such as darker spots, pet odors, stains and damaged carpet in need of repair. They will offer you the best way to correct these issues. If there is a spot of ink

or wine stains, the carpet cleaner will give you the options on how to clean it. You can choose from dry carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, deep carpet cleaning and hot water extraction. After that we will move the furniture safely without scratching the floor. Using a professional vacuum cleaners, our experienced staff will remove the carpet’s soiling as much as possible. After that will use our special formula and the best equipment in Fontana to make your carpet look like new. We use a professional carpet rake to groom the carpet fibers bringing back the fresh, fluffy look. After we end the cleaning process, we will set up your furniture.

Joe & Son’s Carpet Cleaning guarantees a 100% difference between before and after. We will exceed any of your expectations. For a full range of cleaning services we offer upholstery and floor cleaning. If you want to see the clean and shiny side of your home, call us now.