Upholstery cleaning

At Joe & Son’s Carpet Cleaning we give a new life to your old furniture. If an upholstery cleaner comes more often to clean your home or office, your upholstery will last longer. Our powerful upholstery cleaning system and solutions will gently restore your furniture back to looking like new. At Joe & Son’s Carpet Cleaning we pull out the dirt, dust crumbs and other debris, leaving clean and renewed furniture fabric.

Furniture after cleaningAs a trusted and proven leader in upholstery cleaning, we use only special chemicals and professional equipment to clean any dirt from your upholstery. To offer a full cleaning services we also provide floor cleaning and carpet cleaning. Our upholstery cleaners will do their best to make your furniture surface clean again. To satisfy your needs we offer steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Using these two ways your upholstery will be cleaner will make your upholstery surface to look like a new one.

So if you live in Fontana and have a dirty upholstery just call Joe & Son’s Carpet Cleaning. You can rely on us to make your surface clean and beautiful again. Just contact us and we will send you professional upholstery cleaners. With big experience and professional equipment they will do there best to bring back the life into your furniture upholstery. Call us today, let us to make your furniture clean again (909) 705-5288