Enjoy the Many Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Services

Your carpets are an investment that will last. While routine vacuuming can get rid of surface dust and grime, it won’t get rid of deeper-lying dust mites and allergens or tenacious stains from spills and foot activity. Using the best equipment and area rug cleaning methods, Joe & Son's Carpet Cleaning can give your soft coverings a deep cleaning that will extend their life and leave them looking clean and new.

Eliminates Dust Mites

Dust mites will infest your home in Fontana, CA, but because the insects are so tiny, you are unaware of the infestation. Dust mites themselves are not allergies, but they may deposit bodily fluids and feces that are. They can readily be inhaled when the area is disturbed because of their small size, which triggers allergies. When performing carpet maintenance, our carpet cleaners use steam cleaning, which exposes your carpet to extremely high temperatures that dust mites cannot endure.

Increases Health and Well-Being

Dust, microorganisms, and allergies are known to find refuge in your carpet. The airborne particles in carpets might exacerbate or trigger respiratory issues like allergies and asthma if you are predisposed to such issues. Particularly in the case of youngsters and the elderly, these pollutants can result in a variety of health issues. Allergens, bacteria, and dust particles can be reduced to some extent by vacuuming, but they continue to build and provide a greater risk of health issues. By using our rug cleaning services, you may help your family breathe easier and lower the risk of health issues by removing allergens, bacteria, and dust particles.

Removes Other Contaminants

Lead, pet dander, cockroach allergies, particle pollution, dust, and grime are some examples of indoor air pollutants that can be found in dirty carpets. These particles can also stick to dangerous airborne gases, which then become trapped inside your carpet. They can be emitted during routine tasks like vacuuming or walking on carpet, which can contaminate the air in your home. Through the use of certain shampoos and formulas that can extract deeply embedded pollutants, our carpet cleaners can get rid of harmful microorganisms.

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