What Are the Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning Mistakes That Can Kill the Life of Carpets

If you have carpet in your home, you may think you know how to maintain and clean it. Clean up spills using a spot remover, vacuum, and then do it again. However, it is possible to mistakenly make a carpet cleaning mistake that could eventually destroy your cozy flooring. To maintain the appearance of your carpet as clean as new, avoid committing the following cleaning blunders.

Rubbing a Stain Vigorously

Attempting to rub or wipe a stain is never a smart idea. Rubbing a stain vigorously into the carpet can harm the fibers and frequently causes the stain to be pushed deeper into the carpet’s backing. Additionally, excessive scrubbing damages carpet fibers over time by causing additional twisting and fraying. To properly remove the stain from the surface, always use the blotting technique.

Leaving Stains Unattended for a Long Time

Spills are unavoidable in homes with children and/or pets, but stains don’t have to be. Avoid delaying the cleanup of liquid or food spills. Blot spills immediately with a soft cloth or even a moist wipe to prevent liquid from sinking into the fibers of the area rug. Food should also be removed as soon as possible to avoid it clumping and becoming stuck in the delicate fibers of your carpet. In fact, it is best to check your rug once every week to look for any new stains or missed accidents.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Product

Your carpet may sustain permanent harm if the wrong cleaning solution is used. Some carpet cleaners, for instance, are only appropriate for synthetic carpets, while others are made of natural fibers. Make sure you are aware of the sort of carpet you have and that you are using the appropriate cleaning agent for its fibers. If in doubt, look for a moderate, all-purpose carpet cleaner, so do your homework beforehand.

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